How to Recover TGv2 Device if I Upload Mismatch Firmware?

Due to some considerations on the stability of the system or other factors, the user might tend to upgrade firmware. However, there is an important note which might be ignored sometimes as the following statement shows. 

Important: Before using the TG V3 firmware to upgrade, please make sure your TG gateway’s firmware version is 91.X.X.X or its SN starts with 331; using this firmware on a non-V3 gateway will result in system crash.

After mismatched firmware uploaded, you might get the following error message when you login to TG again. 

Some users might lose the web access. 


So there is a question post by many clients -"Any way to recover my TG system?"

Below are the steps which might help you to recover the system. 

1. Try to get a console cable to login the device as the following guide show.

Console Access Setup for Yeastar Devices

(If you don't have the console cable, there is no other way to recover the system.)

Note: Baud rate for login is 57600. Login Username and password are root & ys123456

2. Input the following command to recover system.

root@TG800:~# rm /persistent/imageupdate/uImage

root@TG800:~# reboot

3. After system reboot, try to login web GUI of TG device to verify whether system has been recovered.


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