Common Causes of the DTMF Problem

Refer the common cause and relevant case in the following:
1. Port Volume & 
Check if your volume is proper for your FXO/GSM/FXS ports.
The common default volume would be 60% or 40 %. Make sure it is not too far regarding to the default value.
DTMF Detection Failed - IVR Prompt Volume is too High

2. Echo Cancellation

Try to disable or enable the Echo Cancellation on the port settings. Specically for the FXS/GSM/FXO ports.

And see if the issue persists.

3. FXO Mode

If you don't know which one to choose. You can try FCC, or TBR21 (For European countries)

4. GSM Module Detection Method

DTMF Detection Failure of TG Gateway - Change the DTMF Detection Mode

5. Feature Code Impact

Feature Code Detection Leads to the Door Phone DTMF Sending Delay

6. SIP DTMF Mode

Try to check the DTMF mode for the call by following this article: Understand the DTMF in SIP Call

Then configure the proper the DTMF mode for SIP extension or SIP trunk according to your practical case.

7. SIP DTMF event compatibility

DTMF Recongnition Failure in IVR due to Payload Negotiation Failure

8. Mobile Audio Coding

DTMF from Mobile Detection Failure due to the Mobile Audio Coding

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