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DTMF Overview
Get a glance of the DTMF knowledge.
DTMF Transmission Common Scenario
1 - Trunks (Analog/GSM/ISDN) ----> Yeastar
For example:
The DTMF recognition issue of the incoming call enters the PBX IVR, however the IVR doesn't respond when the caller press any digits. 
2 - Trunks (Analog/GSM/ISDN) ----> Yeastar ----> Extension/Other telephony products.
For example:
  • The inbound call was established with an extension which is registered by the door phone. The caller requires dial some digits to implement some operation. But it doesn't work.
  • Or then the call is delivered to other PBX's IVR, the DMTF seems not be recognized.
3 - Extension/Other telephony products) ----> Yeastar ----> Trunks (Analog/GSM/ISDN
For example: 
  • The door phone extension establishes call with the other extension. The DTMF dialed by called extension is not recognized, the the door open failed.
  • Outbound call to one company's IVR. The DMTF PBX sends is not be recognized by the IVR.
  • Make call via analog trunk. (Send DTMF to provider.)
  1. Refer the Common Causes of the DTMF Problem.
  2. Refer the following section to capture logs if issue not solved by step 1.
  3. Post Yeastar support the description of the problem scenario and the tests you've done. As well as the logs you capture should be posted.
Log Capture
-  Port Signal / Channel Capture (For Physical lines).
If your issue is on SIP trunk relevant, just skip this step.
For general: How to Get the FXO/FXS/GSM Port Signal Capture
For ISDN of S Series: How to do Port Monitor for BRI&E1 Trunks in S-Series PBX
For Analog/GSM/Digital/ISDN of U-Series and Gateway: Capture the Signal of Analog/GSM/Digital Ports
-  Asterisk CLI log with DTMF debug.   (Only for U-Series & Gateways)
How to Enable DTMF Debug in MyPBX & Gateways
-  System Log with Debug option enable.  (Only for S-Series, K2 & Cloud PBX)
How to Get System Log
-  PCAP dump capture: 
If your issue related with SIP trunk or SIP extension, this is a must option.
 How to Get PCAP Dump Capture
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