Multisite Interconnection - How to User Other Site's Trunks to Make Calls

Applicability Scope

  • Firmware Version: and later
  • Model: S-Series PBX

Solution Background

As the Multisite Interconnection function becomes more and more widely used, users have been looking for a solution that can allow branches use the trunks from headquarters or the other branches.

Matters need Attention

The IVR Extensions range of the HQ and the Branches MUST be different.

User can edit the range via this path: Settings -> PBX-> General-> Preferences-> Extensions Preferences->IVR Extensions



 Branch 1-> Dial HQ's IVR number->Dial the Outbound route ->HQ's Outbound Route/ Key Press Event- Disa->HQ's outbound route (MUST select one available trunk)->External number


Figure 1-  Branch1 use Trunks from HQ

Branch1-> Dial Branch2’ s IVR number-> Dial the Outbound route/ Key Press Event- Disa->Branch2' s Outbound Route(MUST select one available trunk)->External number


Figure 2-  Branch1 use Trunks from Branch2


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