Fax Issue Log Caputre

1. Asterisk CLI log with fax debug

- Firstly, enter the SSH interface and start to debug.

S-Series: How to Capture Asterisk CLI Logs for Yeasatr S-Series VoIP PBX

U-Series: How to Capture Asterisk CLI logs for Yeastar Devices

- Enter the commands before you replicate the issue.

Firstly, create logger_custom.conf in the /persistent/custom-cfg/ for U-Series or /ysdisk/support/customcfg/ for S-Series.

The content in the logger_custom.conf is:

console => verbose,notice,warning,error,debug,fax

Save and Apply any change on the web interface.

Then run the commands:

  • fax set debug on
  • fax show settings

- Enter the command after you replicate the issue.

  • fax set debug off

2. PCAP capture or Port signal capture

- If the trunk for fax call is SIP or IAX trunk. Try to get the PCAP capture.

How to Get PCAP Dump Capture

- If the trunk for fax call is FXS/FXO, BRI, PRI trunk. Try to get the port signal capture.

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