How to Read the Recording Files Stored in USB Stick

Call recording feature is crucial for call center but how to fetch and read recording files is more important for supervisor or administrator. 

As we know, there is different file format in linux and windows system. 

On linux system, it is typically EXT3 or EXT4 format etc.

On windows system, it is typically NTFS or FAT32 etc.

So it is not possible to directly scan the recording files saved in SD/USB or hard disk on windows machine. This article illustrates how to read files saved in linux file format on windows system.

Step 1 Download the software in below url and install it on windows system. 

Step 2 Double click icon to open it,choose the storage device you insert to windows laptop.


Step 3 Choose the folder which saves recording files under path such as /tmp/media/mmc1\autorecords\20190802\


Step 4 Choose the folder and save to local windows machine.


Step5. Check recording files on windows desktop.



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