FAQ in May 2019

1. Does CloudPBX support OpenVPN?



2. Does forwarding or Followme work in RingGroup or Queue?

No. Because there is feature conflict.

But if you need to ring mobile simultaneously, you can setup the mobility extension and Simultaneous Ring option in each extension settings page respectively. 


3. How many SMS can TG send via web interface once?

300, as the contact limit is 300. 

Also the SMS sending speed ratio is about 5-10 seconds per SMS.


4. Is there specific tone zone setting for UAE?

No, but you can use USA instead.


5. Does firmware downgrade damage the CDR?

Yes, it is possible. So the downgrade should be avoided in most of cases. If you still need downgrade, please make sure you had make backup of the CDR and other important data like recording, voicemail.


6. What rules should I add on the firewall when PBX is behind it?

This mainly talks about the outbound traffic control of the firewall device. It would include the following main perspectives for the whitelist:

  • SIP + RTP port
  • DNS address of PBX 
  • Email service domain
  • Yeastar relevant service (You can refer the domains in the PBX firewall rules.)


7. I can't send # on analog phone.

Because PBX treats it as the send key. For now, we don't have option to change it. If you really need to send #,  please use IP phone or softphone instead. Also disable the Key as Send.


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