Convert the *.ovpn File to the Package File for Yeastar Device

Ovpn File Structure

Generally user would get or purchase OpenVPN service from other provider. And often there would be a *.ovpn file provided. However, Yeastar device could not use it directly.

So here we talk about how to convert the *.ovpn file to package file for Yeastar device on a Windows computer.

The file basically consists of 3 parts.


Part 1. OpenVPN basic information


Part 2. Configuration parameters


Part 3. Certificates and Keys


Part 1 is just basic information commented by # which would not affect the OpenVPN function. We could ignore this part.

Part 2 is the OpenVPN configuration option which is mandatory to have.

Part 3 is the certificates and keys which is mandatory to have.

Make Configuration Package File

1. Extract certificates and keys from the *.ovpn file.

Use Notepad++ to open the *.ovpn file. Focus on the part 3 mentioned above.

Copy the content between <ca> and </ca> to make ca.crt.

Copy the content between <cert> and </cert> to make client.crt.

Copy the content between <key> and </key> to make client.key.

Copy the content between <tls-auth> and </tls-auth> to make ta.key. This part is optional.

2. Make configuration file vpn.conf

Copy the content of part 2 mentioned above, and change the certificate and key name accordingly.

Refer this guide to understand the file structure: OpenVPN Package File Structure of Yeastar

3. Make login password file auth.cfg (Optional).

If you the provider offer the login username and password, then execute this step. If not, skip.

Please refer this guide: The Usage of Yeastar OpenVPN Password Verification

4. Compress all files to a tar package file.

Put the file generated together in step 1, 2, 3 in the same path.

Generate the tar package file.

5. Upload the tar file to Yeastar device for test. And adjust the vpn.conf while you debug.

Refer the debug command:

OpenVPN Debug Commands of Yeastar Products

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