BRI Line PTMP Error


The BRI trunk seems up. But when you make calls via BRI line, you would get circuits busy prompt. And in the Asterisk CLI log, you could see the sentence like:

MDL/TEI management message, but configured for mode other than PTMP.


How to get the Asterisk CLI logs?

How to Capture Asterisk CLI Logs for Yeasatr S-Series VoIP PBX

How to Capture Asterisk CLI logs for Yeastar Devices

How to Get System Log



Switch the BRI signaling to PTMP (Peer To Multiple Peer)

  • S-Series


  • U-Series & TB

Note that CPE, NET presents the signaling role. Choose the correct one if you know. If you have signaling role, you might need to check with this article: BRI/PRI CPE Error

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