Secure Way of VoIP - VPN


The VPN network can provide a relatively secure environment for the use of the data. For VoIP field, because of the encryption process, it can bypass the ISP restrictions on SIP packets.

Also devices on the same VPN network can access each other directly through the VPN IP address. Facilitate access between and behind devices, and networking between devices. So except making SIP calls, we could also access the local network. Imagine you need to look up a product information that saved on local SVN server. And you need it to make presentation in the exhibition of next morning. You might hesitate to ask someone help. With VPN access, you can free to do this.

It's better to know cons and pros before you are going to deploy your VPN?


  1. A VPN can provide an encrypted secure network environment.
  2. Devices in the same VPN network environment may access each other directly using the VPN address.
  3. VPN encrypted communication can avoid ISP restrictions on some protocols.
  4. Less port mapping on the router.


  1. The construction of the server is complex and requires certain technical capabilities. Which is not friendly to non-IT user.
  2. Certificates and keys generation is cumbersome.
  3. The stability of VPN service and VPN client depends on the stability of the network.

Yeastar VPN feature

For Yeastar S-Series PBX, we choose OpenVPN as the primary VPN feautre. As it is widely used around the world. In S-Series PBX, it is flexible to configure as a OpenVPN client or the OpenVPN server that fits different kinds of scenario.

You can build your own OpenVPN network by Setup VPN Server

Or download this guide: VPN Server Configuration Guide


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