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1. Linkus features introduction video.

Linkus Mobile

Linkus Desktop


2. How to configure Linkus?

Linkus Server settings

How to login Linkus client?


3. Why the Linkus page still shows LCS trial after I purchase LCS service?

There are 2 way to buy LCS service: online and offline. Online purchase is done through the Linkus settings page of PBX. Offline purchase done with our reseller. For now. the purchase still requires manual confirmation. So in this situation it takes 1-2 business days to activate the LCS service.


4. Why Linkus iOS doesn't have background mode?

All iOS ecosystem is pretty unified and the Apple CallKit service is pretty stable to push call event, then this no need to use background mode. For Android, it uses the FCM to push call event. But there limits the service in some countries. So the background mode is reserved in Android platform.


5. What is LCS, and how to use it?

Linkus Cloud Service is a value-added service designed to minimize Linkus-related server and network configurations for Yeastar on-premises PBX users. It avoids the necessity of port forwarding when using Linkus outside of the company so the network security will not be compromised. Whether it’s on their desktop or mobile device, users will also find great value in Linkus Cloud Service as it makes collaboration features like instant messaging and file sharing possible.
To know more, please check this link Linkus Cloud Service

And on how to login linkus with LCS enable, please check this link


6. Why I can't install Linkus in Android 8.1 Go?

Android 8.1 Go is a lightweight version of Android 8.1 which is lack of some system components. Then Linkus is not compatible with it.


7. Why there is no pop-up window when Linkus is integrated with Outlook?

For now, the integration only supports the Outlook 2016. If you are using other version, it might not work.


8. LCS License Transfer

It is only allowed when RMA happens.





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