FAQ in April 2019

1. Failed to enable DHCP.

The key is to make sure your IP address range be in the subnet.



2. Could we use the Hostname as extension registration server address or provisioning?

The answer is no.

The Hostname is basically name for the PBX. If you need it work. You have to request your IT to make DNS mapping for the hostname. But it is not very helpful in most cases.




3. S-Series PBX doesn't support to download the uploaded MOH file from web.

You would need to download it via FTP. How to Access FTP folder?

Login FTP folder: [Your PBX IP address]/sounds/moh/[moh playlist]


4. What is the cell battery model used in Yeastar device motherboard?

It is also called CMOS, RTC battery.

2 Models we used for different products: Standard CR2032 & CR1220.

Actually you can check the cell battery model on the battery itself. You don't need to use the same brand of the battery, just match the standard.


5. Why it requires password to open a firmware bin file?

It seems the WinRAR default settings makes the Windows try to extract the bin file that prompts you to input password.

In fact, it is not necessary to input password. Just ignore the system behaviour. And use the bin file directly to upgrade.


6. Do we need make port mapping for API when connect the S-Series remotely?

Yes, you need to map your local listen port. So that S-Series can push the event normally to your local program.


7. Does Cloud PBX support FTP service?

No, for security reason, it's not open for users.


8. Does Yeastar support Camp on Busy?

No, for now it's not supported. You could refer this post here and added your idea so that our PM would see your request.


9. What is the function of the “Other” tab in Auto Provisioning page?

Refer this article please: How to Understand the Template in Auto Provisioning


10. Does S-Series support video call?

YES! Just check the video codec has been selected in the SIP codec settings.


 11. Does S-Series support the integration with Microsoft AD?

Sorry not, if you want to use contact center. You might use our PBX LDAP feature as contact center.

Or you could point your LDAP server setting to your Microsoft AD LDAP server.


12. What would happen to the active call when Hot-Standy switch is functioning?

The calls would be dropped or become no voice.


13. What brand of Hard Disk does Yeastar PBX support?

As long as the interface is SATA, it should work. The read/write speed would depends the hard disk interface type and PBX interface type. Which is interface level lower, then it would use the speed of lower level.

For S300, the maximum supported volume is  2TB.


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