Regular Consecutive DID and DOD Setup for TE Gateway

When legacy ISDN PBX is extended with the TE Gateway, the user would like to setup consecutive DID and DOD for the each extension of the legacy PBX.

DID Setup

When people call the number 5503301 of the SIP trunk, the call would be sent to legacy PBX extension 301. When calling 5503302, the call would be sent to extension 502, and so on.

  • 5503301--->301
  • 5503302--->302
  • ......
  • 5503309--->309

Go to the Route List meun, and choose the route for "SIP --->E1". Configure the DID Number & DID Associated Number like the following figure.

  • DID Number: the DID number range of the SIP trunk.
  • DID Associated Number: the extension number range of the legacy PBX.

DOD Setup

The user would like to implement DOD (Outgoing Caller ID displayed on the called party phone display) relationship like the following:

  • 301--->5503301
  • 302--->5503302
  • ......
  • 309--->5503309

When call from legacy PBX extension 301, the DOD would display as 5503301, and so on.

It is the contrary way of DID setup. But it is configured in the SIP trunk menu.

  • Caller ID: the main number of the SIP trunk. The function is when TE gateway find the caller from legacy PBX doesn't match any DOD settings. It would use this number as the DOD number.
  • DOD: the DOD number.
  • Associated Number: the extension number of the legacy PBX.

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