BRI Port Detection Failure


There is no BRI port displayed on the Trunk page.

Check List:

* If it is not S-Series, please skip the steps included with EX08 card test.

  1. Check the if any physical damage and contact problem for the B2 module.
  2. Swap slot to install the B2 module on the same motherboard/EX08 board, and check again if the module could be recognized on the web.
  3. Check if other modules could be recognized on the same EX08 board.
  4. Swap a B2 module, if you have one.
  5. If failure happens on above 4 steps. And if the PBX is installed with the other EX08 board, try to install the B2 module on the other EX08 board.


If you can’t resolve the issue, please submit the following information to Yeastar.

  1. Post us the test result of the check list.
  2. Post us the System Log (S-Series), Dmesg Log (U-Series & Gateway)
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