FXO Port Voice Quality Issue


When you make call via the FXO port, you would meet the voice quality issue. For instance, voice cut, echo, unclear voice etc. Usually, it’s 100% hardware issue. It’s also could be setting issue as well as related with the practical line. Before it is identified as hardware issue, please seek advices from our support.

Check List:

* If it is not S-Series, please skip the steps included with EX08 card test.

  1. Connect line with analog phone to test the voice, ensure the line is good.

  2. Swap the FXO port to test.

  3. Swap the IP phone to test.

  4. Swap slot to install the O2 module on the same motherboard/EX08 board to test.

  5. Swap an O2 module, if you have one.

  6. If failure happens on above 5 steps. And if the PBX is installed with the other EX08 board, try to install the O2 module on the other EX08 board to test.

Logging: (If you can’t resolve the issue, please submit the following information to Yeastar)

  1. Post us the test result of the check list.

  2. Post us the FXO port capture including the issue.

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