How to Upload and Restore a Legacy product's Backup file via FTP Server


Generally, thanks of the devices migration, previous device exists the hardware or software issue, the old available backup file needs to restore to the current equipment.

According the issue reports from customers, After previously ensure the storage and memory are running freely, the web page has no responses even though press the "Upload" button to  upload files. 

To make the backup file works, Users can try another efficient way to upload the backup files.
Here lists the corresponding commands of different series Yeastar products.

Suitable Scope:

VoIP gateway (TGV1&V2, TA V2, TE, TB) and U-Series PBX


Login the FTP Server of the device, if you have no ideas about it, refer here: Access FTP of Yeastar device

And then, copy and paste the backup files to the following floder: /persistent/var/lib/asterisk/gui_backups

Go to cleanup the cache of browser and refresh the web page, there will appears these backup files on the backup&restore web page, just directly restore the file you select.



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