Format USB/SD card/TF card Storage for Yeastar S-Series PBX

We already know the S-Series PBX supports USB/SD card/TF card Storage to store recording files, logs, CDR, voicemail and One-Touch recording files. However sometimes, you might get stuck on the format process. So we would introduce alternative way to format the storage devices.

The idea is to use the powerful tool DiskGenius in Windows operating systsem. You might got this tool from here. (This download link might become invalid. You can download it from other sites as well.)

Please follow the procedures:

1. Install DiskGenius.

2. Insert your USB storage device to the computer. If it is SD card or TF card, please use the USB adapter to load the card.

3. Open DiskGenius and find the your removable storage device. Here we take a USB stick as example.

4. Select the Disk that belongs to the USB stick, and click Delete option.

Click Yes to delete. 

Note that the all data in the USB would be lost.

Then you get the free space.

5. Select the disk, and click New Partition option.

Choose the the File System Type as Ext4 (Linux Data). Other options could be default.

Click OK to confirm.

6. Click Save All option to execute the changes you have made.

Click Yes.

Click Yes to start format

7. Wait for the formatting process.

When it is done, you would get and see the Ex4 partition.

8. Eject your USB stick and plug it to the S-Series PBX.

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