Configuration Provisioning Failure


After reboot of phone or Yeastar FXS gateway, the extension or other settings doesn't update.


1. Make sure the IP Phone or Yeastar FXS gateway and PBX in the same network segment. Both devices are reachable. And the phones could be scanned by PBX in the Auto Provisioning menu.

2. Try to upgrade the Auto Provisioning to latest version in App Center.

3. TFTP has been enabled on PBX.

4. Check if your IP phone or Yeastar FXS gateway hasn’t been blocked by PBX. ( Go to Settings>Security>IP Auto Defense>Blocked IP Address )

5. Check the network configuration.

Proper gateway on PBX network setting. (go to Settings>Network>Basic Settings)
Ensure that IP address of PBX between IP Phone/ TA gateway are reachable to each other.

6. Make sure your local network or firewall doesn't not block the provisioning communication including SIP and TFTP packets.

7. Try to reset your IP phone or Yeastar TA FXS gateway.


If the issue still not resolved after the check list above, please provide the following details to us for further checking, thanks.

1. Let us know the result of the each step in the above checklist.

2. Post us the firmware version of PBX, IP phone or Yeastar TA FXS gateway

3. Please post us the PCAP capture. Here is the guide about how to get the PCAP capture: PCAP Dump Capture.

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