Auto Provision Contacts & Phonebook

Firstly you could refer the article about how to provision contact.

Auto Provision Contacts

How it works?

1. Download Priority

By the above article, you already know the Phonebook tab has higher priority than the Contact tab.

  • Contact tab includes the contact entries you create and it is saved in PBX.
  • Phonebook tab includes the Phonebook file you upload.

2. File Path

In the SSH, you could find their respect path to check or debug.

  • For Contact tab, the path is /ysdisk/tftpboot/phonebook

Here you could see the phonebook files filled with same data you create on web, but for different brands.

  • For Phonebook tab, the path is /ysdisk/tftpboot/upload/phonebook

In the following figure shows that I didn't upload any phonebook files.

3. Phonebook Parameter in Configuration File

You might consider how does the IP phone know where to download the phonebook file.

The key is in the configuration file.

You could enter the SSH path: /ysdisk/tftpboot. In the following figure, it shows a Yealink configuration file.

If you check this file, you would the file phonebook config in it. See the URL in the red fram of following figure.

While phonebook parameter for different brands differ depending on their provisioning guide. 

Therefore, you would find the phonebook downloading job is after the phone gets the configuration file. Refer the following provisioning flow from a Yealink IP phone. Last red frame in the figure shows the process of phonebook downloading.

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    Note: When you add the Contact, the 'Nickname' must fill in, otherwise the Yealink phone can't get the contact. 

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