FXS Gateway Provisioning for the Third Party Server


When customer want to provision extension by third party provisioning server, you might consider this feature.

Enable Server URL as Provision method

Server URL should be filled with IP address of tftp server here. In this scenario, we use Yeastar PBX as the tftp server. So the Server URL here is tftp://ip address of PBX

TA FXS gateway could also support HTTP, FTP, TFTP. You could filled the Server URL with HTTP/FTP/TFTP server.

  • User Name
  • Password

These 2 options depend on the server. Fill if it requires.

Note: For the gateway template, please seek help from our support. The template file uses a specific naming rule: cfgMAC.xml. For instance: cfgf4b549f1d8d6.xml


  • AES Key instruction

For Yeastar Gateway, it uses MD5 algorithm and AES-128-CBC encryption type in solid. So when you try to encrypt the configuration file, please use the correct the algorithm and encryption type.

For example you need to the following command to encrypt the configuration file on a Linux system:

openssl enc -md md5 -aes-128-cbc -in cfgf4b549f1d8d6.xml -out cfgf4b549f1d8d6.xml.enc -k bh89757
rm cfgf4b549f1d8d6.xml
mv cfgf4b549f1d8d6.xml.enc cfgf4b549f1d8d6.xml


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