How to Connect Grandstream UCM to Yeastar S-Series PBX

1. Introduction

The guide provides step-by-step configuration instructions of how to connect Grandstream UCM6102 and S-Series PBX

In this guide, we will take Yeastar S100 as an example, the same configuration can be applied on Yeastar S-Series PBX.

With the guide step by step, you could achieve:

1. Make call from UCM side to the IVR of S-Series PBX or other destinations.

2. Make outgoing call from UCM side via trunks of S-Series PBX.

3. Receive call from UCM at S-Series PBX side.


Firmware version:


Grandstream UCM6102:



IP address of S100:

IP address of Grandstream UCM1602:

2. Configuration

Build Interconnection

2.1 Create a VoIP Trunk on S100

Path: Gateway> VoIP Settings> VoIP trunk> Add VoIP Trunk.

Choose “Peer Trunk" mode, and fill Hostname/IP with IP address of UCM6102

Trunk Type: Peer Trunk

Template: General

Transport: UDP

Hostname/IP: The IP of the UCM6102,

Domain: Generally, the field is same with Hostname/IP.


2.2 Create a VoIP Trunk on UCM6102 to S100

Path: Extension/Trunk> VoIP Trunks> Add SIP Trunk

Type: Peer SIP trunk

Hostname: IP address of the S100,

You could check the registration status on S100 PBX monitor.


2.3 Create an extension in UCM6102

Path:  Extensions/Trunk> Extensions> Add

Fill the extension number and password on the IP Phone you use: 

Create Routing Rules for call from S100 to UCM.

3. Create Outbound Route on S100

Pattern: 9

Strip: 1

Member Trunks: TO_UCM6102 (SIP-PEER)

Member Extensions: 1003, select extensions which you allow to call out via the SIP trunk


3.1 Create an Inbound Route on UCM6102

Pattern: _X.

Default Destination: Extension/2003

Create Routing Rules for call from UCM to S100. 

4. ​Create Inbound Route on S100

Member Trunks: To_UCM6102(SIP-Peer)

Destination: IVR-6500

  • If you want to dial an extension range of S100, you could try to follow the guide: DID insturction
  • If you want to make external call via the trunks of S100, you could need to configure the destination as in outbound route.

Member Trunks: To_UCM6102(SIP-Peer)

Destination: Outbound Route-Routeout

*Note: The outbound route should be set on S-series in advance. Any doubt on outbound route setting, please view the following instruction.


4.1 Create outbound route on UCM6102

Pattern: _X.

Enable Filter on Source Caller ID

Available Extensions/Extension Groups: 2003

Trunk: SIPTrunks-S100

Strip: 1

Prepend: 8 (If you wanna call 6500, you need dial 86500.)


1) Please save and apply changes on the interface of UCM6102. Otherwise all the configuration will not take effect.

2) If you don't need set time condition for inbound/outbound route, just keep the default setting. Otherwise, you may encounter call failure issue.


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    I tried the same way and followed the instructions in both PBAX SIP lines showing connected but the call is not working. 

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