Time Condition Extended Understanding



  • Model: S-Series
  • Firmware version: 30.10.0.X or higher

You might already know how to perform time condition override and how to monitor the time condition state from the following reference links:



However you might not know other features which are not noticeable in the user manual or help center. Also the extended instruction for the time condition feature to eliminate your doubts.


Extended Understanding

At first, let's take an example. You have configured 2 time conditions for one inbound route. The respective feature code is *801 - BusinessHour (9:00 AM- 5:00 PM), *802 - AfterBusinessHour (17:01 PM - 8:59 AM), and *800 for reset.

On the IP phone, 2 BLF keys are configured with *801 and *802.

Assuming initial state is no Time Condition Override. Both 2 BLF key show Green.

*801 - Green

*802 - Green

When you press the BLF key for *801. Time Condition is overrode as BusinessHour. The BLF key for *801 turns Red, and other one for *802 stays Green.

*801 - Red

*802 - Green


So we might have the following doubts:

1. How could we cancel the Time Condition Override?

  • By reset feature code

We could dial *800 (Reset code) to turn the mode to cancel.

  • By the same BLF key

We could also press the the *801 BLF key to cancel.


2. Could we know if the time condition is in override mode or not on the phone?

The answer is no

As long as the PBX local time meet the any time condition, the corresponding BLF key would turn red.

The only way is to check on the web interface. 

  • Green tick means it is in override mode.
  • No Green tick means it is not in override mode.


3. When I cancel the Time Condition Override, the other BLF key would turn red, why?

Let's say the above the example that I had pressed *802, and it turned red already. In the afternoon at about 1 PM I just remember that time condition is still in AfterBusinessHour. So I press the BLF key *802 to cancel the time condition override. But you might feel surprised that the BLF key *801 turns red automatically. In fact, it is a normal phenomenon. See the question 2, you would see 1 PM meet the time condition of BusinessHour. So the BLF key *801 turns red.


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