Advantages on LCS

Linkus Cloud Service is a value-added service which was released with firmware version of S-series PBX. The LCS designed to minimize Linkus-related server and network configurations for Yeastar on-premise PBX users.

Effortless Linkus Server setup:

Here are two flow diagrams for comparison below. You could found The configuration of Linkus with LCS is easier for Linkus administrator to deploy.


Port mapping & NAT setting are not required

In the use of the LCS case, the audio quality is more stable and no one-way audio issue. Cause the simplified configuration of LCS which avoid improper NAT setting and Port mapping on the router.  

Security Advantage

In the process of data transmission, all the message will be encrypted by the Asymmetric algorithm. So the data in transmission can't be analyzed and invisible.

Tunnel Mechanism

Linkus Cloud Service is based on the mechanism of the tunnel, RTP and SIP flow will pass through the tunnel instead of 5060 port. The mechanism breaks the SIP restriction in some countries. On the other hand, the SIP flow will not be intercepted by the operator or some routers.

IM feature

The instant messaging feature is a new function with the release of LCS, customer just enable the Chat feature on web setting after downloading Linkus App. With the feature, the communication between Linkus Clients will be more convenient. 

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