Your QueueMetrics Live ID Application Failed


Recently, users might receive an email about the QueueMetrics Live ID application failure after you apply the Live ID from Yeastar QueueMetrics app.

In the following is sample of the error information in the email:

The reason is: &&&&&{& client : {your QueueMetrics Live ID},& cluster : ams,& mode : ON,& time_zone : XXX/XXX,& max_agents : N,& instance_sha : {sha value},& long_name : {long name},& reseller : YEASTAR,& contact_person : {contact person},& contact_email : {contact email},& billing_person : ,& billing_email : ,& expires : XXXX-XX-XX,& instance_state : UNK,& instance_state_up : 0,& max_retention : Please login in to PBX then try again.

Note that we had used {variable}, N and X to replace real data in the above sample. 


- Ignore the failure in the mail, and go to the URL in the browser:{your QueueMetrics Live ID}

Then you could see the login page like this:

- If you still could not see this page, try to apply the ID again in one hour later.

 Disable the QueueMetrics app and Enable again.


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