Email Settings on Yeastar Products

S-Series IPPBX

Assume the administrator’s email is, all the Email to SMS configuration samples would be sent out through this email.

Email Settings on S-Series


TG Gateway & U-Series

1. Email for SMS

Go to the menu:

  • TG: SMS> SMS Settings> Email Settings
  • U-Series: PBX> Advanced Settings> SMS Settings> Email Settings

Then test the SMTP and POP3 settings respectively.


2. Email for System Alert of TG

Go the menu: System> System Settings> Email Settings


3. Email for Voicemail of U-Series

Go to menu: PBX> Basic Settings> Voicemail Settings> SMTP Settings for Voicemail


4. Configuration Tips and Test

Test SMTP Settings results:

Test POP3 Settings results:

Fill the information according to your email account.

  • Sender Email Address: Enter an available sender email address which will appear as the FROM of outgoing email.
  • Email Address or Username: Enter the email address or username to login the SMTP server, it’s specially defined for SMTP clients.
  • Password: Enter the password of the email address to login the SMTP client.
  • SMTP Server Address: The SMTP server’s address of this administrator’s email.
  • SMTP Server Port: 25 by default, 587/465 for TLS/SSL protocol.
  • POP3 Server Address: The POP3 server’s address of this administrator’s email.
  • POP3 Server Port: 110 by default, 995 for TLS/SSL protocol.
  • Enable TLS/ SSL: Enable or disable TLS protocol during transferring/submitting your Email to another SMTP servers.


For Gmail server, you need to enable TLS protocol.

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