Expand the Timeout of Call Forwarding

Here is a situation, many customer have this scenario.

Incoming call to an extension, then the extension set call forwarding to mobile. Firstly the caller can hear the music on hold for call forwarding, but after 30 seconds, the caller would hear 'I am sorry, but we are unable to locate the person you are calling'.

Many customer want to ring the forwarding number with longer time. This article will guide you how to make the PBX ring the forwardign number with longer time. 

Note: Below I will use extension 8004 as an example to show you how to customize script. 

Firstly make sure you configure call forwarding for extension 8004.


Step 1.  Login SSH.

Follow this instruction: Login SSH


Step 2. Get the default settings.

With command “vi /etc/asterisk/followme.conf” and find the extension(here use extension 8004 as an example). (here you will use linux command “/[8004-a]” to find the content, then use command “:q!” to quite the followme.conf)


Step 3. Copy the content of extension 8004.

musicclass = default
context = DLPN_DialPlan8004
number = CFANUM/8004,30

musicclass = default
context = DLPN_DialPlan8004
number = CFNNUM/8004,30

musicclass = default
context = DLPN_DialPlan8004
number = CFBNUM/8004,30

Note: [8004-a] is for Always forwarding, [8004-n] is for No Answer, [8004-b] is for When Busy.


Step 4. Do customize for extension 8004 and expand the timeout of call forwarding.

If you don't know to customize config file, please follow this instruction:How-to-Create-Custom-Conf-Files-in-Yeastar-S-Series-VoIP-PBX

With command “vi /ysdisk/support/customcfg/followme_custom.conf” to create customize file.(here you will use linux command “i” to get insert authority, then paste the content it in. Then hit “Esc” and use command “:wq” to save the edit)


Step 6. Make the customize take effect

Use the command 'astconfig', 'asterisk -vvvvvr' then 'module reload'




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    For P-Series, it has 2 diffrenct forwarding type. Internal and External.

    So user needs to define 2 types as required.

    musicclass = default 
    context = DLPN_DialPlan200
    number = CFANUM/200,30
    musicclass = default  
    context = DLPN_DialPlan200
    number = EXCFANUM/200,30

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