When the GSM module is registered in the cellular network, we are able to send and receive the SMS by the GSM module. The SMS communication flow is like the following figure.


Outgoing SMS flow

  • 1.1 PBX / GSM gateway sends AT command with SMS information.
  • 1.2 GSM modules send SMS to SMS Center number with sender, receiver and content.
  • 1.3 SMS Center returns sending OK.
  • 1.4 GSM modules returns sending OK.

Incoming SMS flow

  • 2.1 SMS Center sends SMS to GSM
  • 2.2 GSM module returns receiving OK.
  • 2.3 GSM module sends the SMS to PBX / GSM Gateway.

SMS configuration

Check the setting that is related with the SMS function


There is no settings on the web that is related with the SMS function.

GSM Gateway

  • SMS Center: Usually this number would be filled automatically. Change it unless you need to use another


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    Hi is yeastar have api or sample programming to capture or get incoming short message ?

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