MySMS Issue - "Processing, please wait..."

Disclaimer: MySMS has been End of Life without support. You can feel free to use this software, but no support anymore.


Recently the Flash Player relevant issue arises frequently due to the browse policy that the Flash Player has been disabled by default.

Issue Description

MySMS runs properly when Flash Player is enabled on the web page. If Flash Player is not enabled, you probably would meet the issue in the following figure. With prompt: Processing, please wait...


For example, the Chrome browser. Go to the menu: Settings> Advanced> Privacy and security> Content settings> Flash

Add your MySMS address into Allow rules: http://x.x.x.x:8080.



Finally refresh the MySMS page, and test again.

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    In the recent version, the Flash settings has been switched the site itself rather that the management together with all sites.

    Click the icon in the front of the address bar of Chrome to configure the Site Settings.

    Check the Flash as Allow.

    Reload the page, and check the Flash as Allow.

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    Will this product (MySMS) be still available - I see that this product is EOL (


     2016/01/01) and no product to replace it.


    We have a lot of demands for SMS servers, and this is by far the simplest app for use with Neogate TG. 

    Will you do succedor for this aplication?

    The reason for high demands are mainly bulk SMS, bulk predifined SMS, and multi user accounts, which is not possible with Neogate TG web UI.

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    Hi. I agree that mySMS is a good app. Wondering if you guys can recommend a thjird-party SMS app that will work well with the TG. Thanks so much.

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