Provision Yeastar FXS VOIP Gateway on Other Servers

Scope of Application

Product model: TA FXS VOIP Gateway

Software version: All

Hardware version: All


Yeaster FXS VOIP Gateway can be configured by other servers via the auto provisioning. 

Configuration Steps

1. Please login the web ui of the TA gateway to export the configure file of the auto provisioning.

You can go to System > System Preferences > Auto Provisioning Settings, then select the Nodes to export, here we take FXS port and VoIP Server Settings for example. Click the button Export the configure file cfgf4b549f1f12b.xml, the file is a xml file named after cfg+MAC address.

2.Use Notepad++ to configure the file cfgf4b549f1f12b.xml.


3. According your request, you configure the FXS port and VoIP Server Settings, here we take fxsport0 and voiptrunktemplate0 for example. The items marked with red should  be modified. You can also modify other items if you need.

  • voiptrunktemplate0: you can compare the following two screenshots to configure the Items.


  • fxsport0



4. Upload the modified file cfgf4b549f1f12b.xml to the server.

5. Then login the web interface of the Gateway, go to System > System Preferences > Auto Provisioning Settings > Auto Provisioning Mode. Configure the server address, it can support FTP, TFTP and HTTP server, the format is ftp://, tftp://, or http://, here we take ftp server for example.

6. At last reboot the TA Gateway, it will get the configuration file automatically.

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