How to configure the cisco phone softkey (key feature list) via PBX auto provisioning


Yeastar P series PBX 

Cisco sip phone. For now, auto provisioning support below Cisco phones.


For cisco phone, need to define its key features via SoftKeys.xml file.

How to define the SoftKeys.xml file, refer to the below link.


Here is the SoftKeys.xml file that can be used for most scenario. Click link to download.


How to upload this file to the Cisco phone via PBX auto provisioning.

Let's use Cisco 3905 for an example:

Add Cisco 3905 custom template, and add SoftKeys.xml to the paramter, as shown below.



And then put the attached SoftKeys.xml to the PBX tftp path.

1. enable FTP feature first

2. access the ftfpboot folder, paste the .xml file


And then select the customise auto provisioning template to reprovision this Cisco phone again.




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