How to Interconnect Yeastar TA100/200 with Yeastar P-Series Cloud PBX


This guide applies to TA100 and TA200. The way in this guide is to register extension number of the P-Series Cloud PBX manually.



1. Get the extension registration information from PBX.

2. Fill in the registration information on TA100/200.

  • Register Mode: Port Register
  • Caller ID Name: extension number or a custom name
  • Caller ID Number: extension number.
  • User Name:  extension number.
  • Authentication Name: Registration Name of the extension number.
  • Password: Registration Password of the extension number.
  • From User:  extension number
  • DID Number: extension number
  • Transport: by default using UDP, change it based on PBX setting
  • Hostname/IP: PBX hostname with SIP port
  • Domain: PBX hostname 

Click Save and Apply Changes button.


3. Check Port State

Once it shows the Status "OK", it means the port registers well.


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