How to create an account trunk on TGv2 gateway for an extension to test the voice quality issue

Usage scenario:

When using the TG gateway SIM card as an incoming and outgoing trunk and a voice quality issue occurs, we need to verify whether the voice quality issue occurs in the TG gateway itself. However, since TGv2 does not support capturing a port monitor log to analyze via webpage, so we can verify it through other methods.

Available for:

TGv2, firmware version with 51.*.*.* or 53.*.*.*


At this time, we can use the TG gateway to create an account trunk, then register a softphone to this account trunk, and then configure an IP to mobile routing for the softphone for call testing.

Configuration details:

Create an Test account trunk on the TG gateway, as shown below.

Customize the account username and password as you want.


Register a softphone to the account trunk. 

For example, use Microsip to regsiter. As shown below.

Registered successfully.


Create the IP to mobile route for this Test account trunk. As shown below.


Then use this softphone to make calls to see if there are any vioce quality issues. If so, the issue lies with the TG gateway or the SIM card itself. Regardless of the connected device. At this time, can check whether there are interference devices such as WiFi routers around the TG gateway. Or replace the SIM card for testing.

Additional note: For TGv3 (firmware version with 91.*.*.*), can directly capture a port moitor log for verification, as shown below



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