How to Get the Full Certificate Chain for YCM Portal and Valid Certificate Chain?

This guide applies to the feature of YCM custom domain. When you need to upload the certificate file for SBC, SBC proxy and YCM server, user might forget to upload the full chain certificate. This might cause a SSL error on the browser, when you access the PBX web portal. Or other services like CRM integration, Messaging could not work properly.


Usually, when get the certificate files from provider.

You get the 3 files.

  • Domain valid certificate 
  • CA certificate Bundle 
  • private key

To use it correctly with YCM custom domain feature, you need to merge the Domain valid certificate and CA certificate Bundle into a same section.

Basically, you can open a notepad to merge the certificate. 

  1. Open a new txt file.
  2. Open the Domain valid certificate and CA certificate Bundle file respectively.
  3. Firstly, copy the text of Domain valid certificate to the new txt file.
  4. Secondly, copy the text of CA certificate Bundle to the new txt file.

Notes for merge

  • The order should be: Domain valid certificate on the top of CA certificate Bundle section.
  • Domain Valid cert text is just 1 block.
  • CA certificate Bundle text can be 1-3 blocks( it's up to the CA files you get, just copy all of them).
  • For the merged cert text, It should have no empty lines in the beginning or end of the block. And it should have no empty lines between blocks

5. Copy the merged text to YCM Custom Domain menu.

6. Test if your certificate has full chain or not by this tool:

Just enter any of PBX hostname or YCM hostname.


As to proxy hostname validate, firstly, enter your PBX get your one of your PBX proxy service enabled. Get the hostname and port. For example, you can get LDAPS service and port number to test certificate validity.



If you see the following error, it means your cert blocks still has problem. You can check again the procedure or seek help from our support.


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