How to connect the DU sip trunk to the Yeastar PBX


Available for S-Series and P-Series PBXs.


The trunk configuration screenshot is as follows

Hostname/IP: fixedimsmey.duentdxb.duvoip.fmc


Username: provided by the ISP

Authentication Name: provided by the ISP


The default port is the LAN port, and the WAN port is connected to the dedicated line (DU Trunk).

Configure the PBX network settings as the below picture: 

Add a WAN port DNS (provided by the ISP) to the LAN port. Usually, add to the LAN Preferred DNS Server. Add (or as the Alternative DNS.


Add the DNS (usually the ISP will provide 2 DNS) to the static route to make it go through the WAN port.

For example, the below picture add the DNS

Need to add another DNS as well.


For the DU trunk, need to add another fixed destination to avoid no voice issue.

See the below picture, the destination IP is fixed


For the DU trunk, the codec needs to select u-law and a-law.

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