How to Generate CSR File for Certificate Request

The CSR file  can be generated by the user by this online tool:

There are 3 steps to generate CSR file.

  1. Fill in basic information
  2. Choose key size
  3. Generate CSR file

1. Fill in basic information

Fill in the information based on your practical situation. The only note the Common Name field. It should match the domain you have purchased or you are going to purchase.

  • For SBC server, the Common Name field should be wildcard domain: * 
  • For SBC proxy server, the Common Name field should be wildcard domain:  * 
  • For YCM server: normally it's, it's already belongs to * Then you don't need request other CSR file. But if your YMC use a different domain, please request the CSR. The Common Name field should be not a wildcard domain. For example:

An example for SBC server wildcard domain:

2. Choose key size

Usually, 2048 is fine. But if you the certificate provider requires 4096, then choose 4096.


3. Generate CSR file

Click the Generate CSR button.

After a few seconds, it will generate 2 files, 1 CSR file, and 1 private key file.

Please save both files:

  • CSR file is to sent to certificate provider to generate the certificate .
  • Private key file is for later certificate installation.
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