Zoiper Softphone Configuration Guide

Zoiper Softphone Information

This guide introduces how to register Zoiper softphone (PC version) to Yeastar S-Series IPPBX. The setup information below is based on Zoiper 3.9.
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Configuring Zoiper

Follow the steps below to configure Zoiper to Yeastar S-Series IPPBX.

STEP 1. Launch Eyebeam softphone.

STEP 2. Click “Settings > Create a new account”.

STEP 3. Choose the account type as “SIP”, click “NEXT”.


STEP 4. Enter the SIP account information.


  • User / user@host:enter the extension number.
  • Password: enter the extension’s Registration Password.
  • Domain / Outbound proxy: enter the IP address of S-Series IPPBX.

STEP 5. Click “NEXT”, Zoiper will attempt to register to S-Series IPPBX.


STEP 6. If registered successfully, you can see the figure shows as below. Click “CLOSE”, and use Zoiper to make calls.


STEP 7. If you want to edit the account, click “Settings > Preferences” to get the account settings page, and edit it.

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    I've followed the instructions above but when I try to dial out I get a SIP 408 - Request Timeout. I have a U100 system. The registration password is the password under the edit extension menu correct? Any help is much appreciated.

    Just after posting this I disabled the stun server and my setup started working. I also unchecked the box "Open Random port above 32000" on SIP options under preferences -> Advanced -> Network. 

    Edited by Jason
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    I ve connect witout problems from zoiper install on any cell phone.

    But from any zoiper desktop (in the same wifi), i can not connect. Always a 408 timeout error. Same data. I try Jason solution but it did not work for me

    any ideas?



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