Registering Panasonic IP Phone to S-Series VoIP PBX


This guide has been tested with Panasonic KX-HDV130 with firmware version 01.008, and is applicable to the following Panasonic IP Phones.
KX-HDV130, KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-UT248, KX-UT670, TGP500, TGP550.

How to Reset Panasonic IP Phone

We tested the Panasonic IP phone with the default settings. If you are not sure about your phone’s configuration, please reset your phone.

For KX-UT113 / KX-UT123 / KX-UT133 / KX-UT136 / KX-UT248


For KX-UT670

For KX-HDV130

  1. Press the [Menu] softkey (middle softkey) at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select [System Settings] from the menu.
  3. Enter #136 on the keypad
  4. Select [Yes] when asked if you are sure you want to factory reset the phone.

Registering Panasonic IP Phone to S-Series IPPBX

In this guide, the IP address of the phone is, and IP Address of the S-Series IPPBX is

1.Start up the phone and identify its IP Address:

  1. Press [Menu]
  2. Find [System Settings]->[Network Settings]->[IPv4 Settings]->[Static]

2.Open the web service for the Panasonic phone.

  1. Press [Menu]
  2. Find [Basic Settings]->[Other Option]->[Embedded Web]

3.Log in the Panasonic IP phone web interface.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: adminpass

4.Navigate to “VoIP -> Line 1", and configure as follows:

  1. In the "Basic" section:
    • Phone Number: enter the extension number.
    • Registrar Server Address: enter the IP address of S-Series IPPBX.
    • Registrar Server Port: enter the SIP port, the default port on S-Series IPPBX is 5060.
    • Proxy Server Address: enter the IP address of S-Series IPPBX.
    • Proxy Server Port: the default value is 5060.
    • Authentication ID: enter the extension’s Registration Name.
    • Authentication Password: enter the extension’s Registration Password.
  2. In the “Advanced” section:
  • SRV lookup Prefix for UDP: enter “_sip_udp.”.
  • SRV lookup Prefix for TCP: enter “_sip_tcp.”.
  • Local SIP Port: the SIP port number for each line must be unique, default value: 5060 (for Line 1) and 5070 (for Line 2).

5.Click “Save” and the phone will attempt to register to S-Series IPPBX. If the extension is registered successfully, you can see the VoIP Status show “Registered”.

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