X-Lite Softphone Configuration Guide

This guide introduces how to register and set up X-Lite softphone to Yeastar S-Series IPPBX. The setup information below is based on X-Lite 4.9.6.

X-Lite Softphone Configuration

Before configuration, you can download X-Lite for Windows PC or Mac here.

Follow the steps below to configure X-Lite to Yeastar S-Series IPPBX.

STEP 1. Launch Eyebeam softphone.

STEP 2. Click “Softphone > Account Settings”, configure the SIP account.

 X-lite softphone account settings

STEP 3. Enter the account information.

X-lite softphone account settings

  • User ID: enter the extension number.
  • Domain: enter the IP address of S-Series
  • Password: enter the extension password.
  • Display Name: specify a name that will display on the phone.
  • Authorized Name: enter the extension’s registration name.
  • Enable “Register with domain and receive inbound calls”, and select “Domain”.

STEP 4. Click “OK”, X-Lite will attempt to register to S-Series IPPBX. If registered successfully, you can see the figure shows as below.

 X-lite softphone register

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