Using LDAP on Cisco SPA Phones

This Guide is based on SPA 303 version 7.4.9c.

Configuring LDAP

  1. Navigate to the phone's admin web user interface as an administrator.
  2. Go to "Voice > Phone > LDAP Corporate Directory Search" to configure LDAP.
    • LDAP Dir Enable: select "yes".
    • LDAP Corp Dir Name: specify an LDAP directory name.
    • LDAP Server: enter "S-Series PBX's IP:port".
    • LDAP Auth Method: Simple.
    • LDAP Client DN: enter the LDAP server's username.
    • LDAP Username: enter the LDAP server's username.
    • LDAP Password: enter the LDAP server's password.
    • LDAP Search Base: enter the LDAP server's base DN.
    • LDAP Last Name Filter: this defines the search for surnames [sn], known as the last name.
    • LDAP First Name Filter: this defines the search for the common name [cn]. 
    • LDAP Search Item3: Additional customized search item. It can be blank if not needed. 
    • LDAP Item 3 Filter:  Customized filter for the searched item. It can be blank if not needed. 
    • LDAP Search Item 4: Additional customized search item. It can be blank if not needed. 
    • LDAP Item 4 Filter: Customized filter for the searched item. It can be blank if not needed. 
    • LDAP Display Attrs: format of LDAP results display on phone.
  3. Click "Submit All Changes".

LDAP Configuration Example

The example configurations are set according to S-Series LDAP server default settings. You can use the following settings as a starting point and adjust the filter and display attributes according to your needs.

LDAP Dir Enable:  yes

LDAP Corp Dir Name:  LDAPTest 

LDAP Server:   (IP of S-Series PBX:389) 

LDAP Auth Method: Simple

LDAP Client DN: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com

LDAP Username: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com   

LDAP Password: password

LDAP Search Base: dc=pbx,dc=com

LDAP Last Name Filter: sn:(sn=*$VALUE*)          

LDAP First Name Filter: cn:(cn=*$VALUE*)

LDAP Search Item 3:            

LDAP Item 3 Filter:   

LDAP Search Item 4:            

LDAP item 4 Filter:  

LDAP Display Attrs: a=sn;a=cn;a=telephoneNumber,n=Phone,t=p; 

LDAP Number Mapping:        

LDAP Display Attrs:

  • a — Attribute name
  • cn — Common name
  • sn — Surname (last name)
  • telephoneNumber — phone number
  • n—Display name
    Example: n=Phone will cause "Phone:" to be displayed in front of the phone number of an LDAP query result when the detail soft button is pressed.
  • t — type
    When t=p, that is, t is of the type phone number, then the retrieved number can be dialed. Only one number can be made dialable. If two numbers are defined as dialable, only the first number is used. Example: a=ipPhone, t=p; a=mobile, t=p; This example results in only the IP Phone number being dialable and the mobile number will be ignored.
  • p — phone number
    When p is assigned to a type attribute, example t=p, then the retrieved number will be dialable by the phone

Using LDAP Phonebook

  1. Press the Directory soft key on the SPA phone.
  2. Select the LDAP Corporate Directory from the list. The name will vary depending on the entry in "Phone tab > LDAP Corporate Directory Search > LDAP Corp Dir Name".
  3. Enter the search parameters for Last Name and First name, as needed.
  4. Press the Submit soft key.
  5. Press Dial, EditDial, Detail, or Cancel to use the LDAP results.



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