Using LDAP on Yealink Phones

This Guide is based on Yealink T41 version

Configuring LDAP

  1. Log in the Yealink phone web interface, go to “Directory > LDAP”, Select Enabled from the pull-down list of Enable LDAP.
  2. Enter the desired values in the corresponding fields.
  3. Enable “LDAP Lookup For Incoming Call”.
  4. Enable “LDAP Lookup For Callout”.
  5. Enable “LDAP Sorting Result”.
  6. Click “Confirm” to accept the change.

LDAP Configuration Example

The example configurations are set according to S-Series LDAP server default settings. You can use the following settings as a starting point and adjust the filter and display attributes according to your needs.

Enable LDAP: Enabled

LDAP Name Filter: (|(cn=%)(sn=%))

LDAP Number Filter: (|(telephoneNumber=%)(homePhone=%)(mobile=%))

Server Address:  /* Enter S-Series PBX’s IP address.*/

Port: 389

Base: dc=pbx,dc=com

UserName: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com

Password: password

Max.Hits(1~32000): 50

LDAP Name Attributes: cn sn displayName

LDAP Number Attributes: telephoneNumber homePhone mobile mail departmentNumber

LDAP Display Name: %cn

Protocol: Version 3

LDAP Lookup For Incoming Call: Enabled

LDAP Lookup For Callout: Enabled

LDAP Sorting Results: Enabled

Configuring an LDAP Key

  1. Log in the Yealink phone web interface, go to “DSSKey > LineKey”.
  2. Choose a DSS key, select key type to “LDAP”.
  3. Click “Confirm” to accept the change.

Using LDAP Phonebook

You can press the LDAP key to access the LDAP phonebook. Enter the search criteria to search a contact from LDAP phonebook and call the contact.

  1. Press the LDAP key to access the LDAP phonebook.
  2. Search the contact name or number using the keypad. The contacts whose name or phone number matches the characters entered will appear on the LCD screen.
  3. Press the navigation key to select the desired contact.
  4. Press “Send” to call the contact.

More Information

More information about how to use Yealink LDAP.

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