How to Use Call Pickup

1. Introduction

Call Pickup is a feature that allows one to answer other’s call. The feature is accessed by pressing call pickup feature code of Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX. If a colleague's phone set is ringing, one can answer this call by picking up one's own phone set and using the function call pickup, instead of walking to the colleague’s desk.

2. Group Call Pickup                        

The default feature code for Group Call Pickup is *4. It allows you to pick up a call from a ringing phone which and your extension are in the same group.

  1. Go to “Settings >PBX > Call Features > Pickup Group”, click “Add”.
  2. Specify a name for the Pickup Group.
  3. Select extensions to the "Selected" Box.
  4. Click“Save” and “Apply” button to apply changes.

According to the configuration of Pickup Group “Sales”, when the extension1000 in the group is ringing, the other group members could dial *4 on their phones to pick up the call.

3. Extension Pickup

The default Extension Pickup feature code is *04. It allows you to pick up a call that is made to a specific extension. If you know whose phone is ringing and what is the extension number is, you can pick up the call by pressing *04+ extension number.

For example, if a call reaches the Sales Department Manager's phone (extension number 1111), but he is in a meeting, you can pick up the call by pressing *041111 on your own phone to answer the call.

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    dear thank you 

    i did it but my problem is when i have any call from out side all of the phone are ringing to gather although until customer select the extension .actually i do not have any problem if customer select the extension.

    but unfortunately  before   he press extension, all phones are ringing as the same time to gather 

    i would like i did not here any ringing if he did not select extension and if he select the extension just that phone ringing  

    do you know what i mean ?

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    Setup the pickup group will not ring the call at the same time, I think you have configure your inbound route's destination to a ring group. If so, you can route your incoming call to IVR instead then use IVR feature to guide the incoming caller to press specific key to ring specify extension/group of extensions.

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    i want press feature code only without press extention number

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    What can be when intermittently when picking up the call with *4, the call is muted, but I hear the caller, but he doesn't hear me.
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    Hi Claudinei Marcelino, we will need the pcap file to check, can you help to get the log with sip debug enabled and the pcap file and submit a ticket?

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