How to Setup Random MOH in MyPBX U series

Note:This guide is suitable for generation MyPBX U series which includes the models: MyPBX U100/200/300/U5XX, SOHO V4/5/7, Standard V6/7.

With this guide you can achieve the 2 goals:

  1. System will play the music files of on hold in random sequence for one time playing.
  2. In the next time playing MOH, the start music file will be played randomly.

In the following steps you will see how to make the goals achieved:

  • Upload one music file in correct format from the web.


  • Go to the FTP folder, copy the other music files in the "MOH Class" folder. If you don't know how to access the FTP folder, please refer this guide: How To Access MyPBX FTP folder

  • Set this MOH "CityPart2" in the General Settings or in any queue.
  • Test if it works.
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