How to Enable and Edit Jitter Buffer in U Series MyPBX

In this guide, we introduce how to configure Jitter Buffer in MyPBX. You have two ways to configure the Jitter Buffer:

Configure via SSH

Step 1. Download the popular SSH tool PuTTy from the Internet.

Step 2. Enable SSH service on LAN Settings page or Service menu under LAN settings.

Step 3. Open the PuTTy, and configure the login IP, Port and Connection type(SSH). 

Step 4. Click the "Apply" to enter SSH interface.

  • U​sername: root
  • Password: ys123456

Note that when you enter the password, it's in invisible form that you can't see what you are inputting.

Step 5. Type the following command to create a custom sip.conf file.
              vi  /persistent/custom-cfg/sip_custom.conf

Step 6. To edit this sip_custom.conf file, press “i” to enter the edit mode. Then type the following sentences:

jbenable = yes
jbmaxsize = 200  //200 is the value of JitterBuffer size, you can change it in your need

Step 7. Then Type <Esc> ,and then type’:wq’ and press <Enter> key to save and quit the file.

Step 8. Type ‘mypbxconf‘ and ‘ asterisk -rx 'module relaod'  to make the configuration file take effect.

 Configure via FTP

Step 1. Create a text file.

Create a text file, save it as sip_custom.conf, and write these sentences in this file:
jbenable = yes
jbmaxsize = 200  //200 is the value of JitterBuffer size, you can change it as your need

Step 2. Upload this file to MyPBX through FTP.

Enable FTP port in LAN Settings on Web GUI,then visit this path and put the file inside.

ftp://PBX IP/var/lib/asterisk/db/custom-cfg/ 

Step 3. Save the Modification

Go to Web Gui, Click anywhere to "Save" and "Apply Changes" in the Web Gui, the file will be applied in the MyPBX.


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