Intercom and Paging


The Paging and Intercom features allow you to make an announcement to a group of extensions. The called parties do not need to pick up the handset as the audio will be played via the phone speakers. 

Yeastar S-Series supports one-way paging and two-way intercom.

  • One-way paging: only make announcement to the extensions.
  • Two-way intercom: allows all users in the group to talk and be heard by all.

Making an Intercom by Feature Code

If you would like to make an intercom with a specific extension user, you can dial the intercom feature code to achieve it. The default Intercom feature code is *5.

For example, making an announcement to extension 1000, you need to dial *51000, then the extension 1000 will be automatically picked up.

Setting Up Paging/Intercom Group

To do paging or intercom to a group of extensions at the same time, you need to set up Paging/Intercom groups.

Step 1 Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > Paging/Intercom, click "Add" to create a new group.

  • Number: set the group number, the local extension should dial this number to call the paging/intercom group.
  • Name: give the group a brief name to help you identify it.
  • Type: choose 1-way Paging or 2-Way Intercom.
  • Member: choose the group members. 

Step 2 Dial the intercom/group number 6301 to make an announcement to the group members.

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    Hello, just installed a new S100 with a 19 IP phones. 15 Yealink T42S, 3 Yealink T46S and 1 Yealink T19P. The paging group is 6300. If I page from any phone that is part of the paging group, the page beeps and then just hangs up. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Same issue on S50.  Opening Ticket today.

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    Hi Guys, 

    This is solution for Tasso and  Bill. (Yealink phones)

    1 - Disable the call-waiting on the phone .

    By this, phone will ignore the page request for itself.


    2 - Keep call-waiting, and disable Intercom Barge.

    This makes the page request as a new call but not affect the current call.

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    @P and for Grandstream phones?

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    @Joan, the issue of Bill and Tasso has been resolved on version
    Please refer the bug fixes point 14 of version

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    I'm still struggling to  force on the microphone on remote ext! All phones are Grandstream phones on S100

    with the latest firmware installed


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    What is the IP Address of multicast channel and port use for 1 way multicast paging for yealink phones?

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