Intercom and Paging

The VoIP Paging and Intercom features allow you to make an announcement to a group of extensions. The called parties do not need to pick up the handset as the audio will be played via the phone speakers. This article explains how to set up and use paging and intercom feature on Yeastar S-Seris VoIP PBX.

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One-way Paging and Two-way Intercom

The following features are supported by Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX:

Making an Intercom by Feature Code

If you would like to make an intercom with a specific extension user, you can dial the intercom feature code to achieve it. The default Intercom feature code is *5.

For example, making an announcement to extension 1000, you need to dial *51000, then the extension 1000 will be automatically picked up.

Setting Up Paging/Intercom Group

To realized group paging or intercom, to make announcements to a group of people at the same time, you need to set up Paging/Intercom groups on S-Series VoIP PBX.

Step 1 Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > Paging/Intercom, click "Add" to create a new group.

  • Number: set the group number, the local extension should dial this number to call the paging/intercom group.
  • Name: give the group a brief name to help you identify it.
  • Type: choose 1-way Paging or 2-Way Intercom.
  • Member: choose the group members. 

Step 2 Dial the intercom/group number 6301 to make an announcement to the group members.

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    Hello, just installed a new S100 with a 19 IP phones. 15 Yealink T42S, 3 Yealink T46S and 1 Yealink T19P. The paging group is 6300. If I page from any phone that is part of the paging group, the page beeps and then just hangs up. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Same issue on S50.  Opening Ticket today.

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    Hi Guys, 

    This is solution for Tasso and  Bill. (Yealink phones)

    1 - Disable the call-waiting on the phone .

    By this, phone will ignore the page request for itself.


    2 - Keep call-waiting, and disable Intercom Barge.

    This makes the page request as a new call but not affect the current call.

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    @Pixy Xie and for Grandstream phones?

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    @Joan, the issue of Bill and Tasso has been resolved on version
    Please refer the bug fixes point 14 of version

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    I'm still struggling to  force on the microphone on remote ext! All phones are Grandstream phones on S100

    with the latest firmware installed


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    What is the IP Address of multicast channel and port use for 1 way multicast paging for yealink phones?

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    So i setup 1 way paging and 2 way intercom.
    I have yealink T46 phones. Did disable Call-Waiting on the 2 test phones.
    I setup 201 and 202 as phone numbers put those in both call features

    But when dail 6300 (2 way intercom) or 6301 (1 way paging) i get the message "not found" on display.

    Calling the other options (6700 / 6500 / 6200 etc) work without a problem.

    Sorry. I did not press APPLY for it to take affect

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    does the answer work with * in 1 way-paging mode?

    When I mark * it stops outputting audio in the rest of the extensions but the audio is still unidirectional.

    Using the 2-way intercom mode, nearby extensions couple the audio and all background sounds from each extension are mixed.


    There is a post about my same question but it is unsolved

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