Distinctive Ringtone for Inbound Calls


Distinctive Ringtone is used for distinguishing calls from different inbound routes. In order to use this feature, the IP phone must support distinctive ringtone. Let's try set up a distinctive ringtone for one inbound route.

Configuring Distinctive Ringtone

Step 1 Log in the IP phone web interface. 

Step 2

  • For Yealink

Click “Settings> Ring”, input a name in Internal Ringer Text, in the Internal Ringer File, choose a ringtone you wish to use. For example, the Internal Ringer Text “Family” (case sensitive) relates to Internal Ringer File “Ring3.wav”.

  • For Fanvil

Click “Phone Settings> Media Settings> Alert Info Ring Settings”, input a name in "Alert Info X", in the Ring Type, choose a ringtone you wish to use. For example, the Internal Ringer Text “Family” (case sensitive) relates to Ring Type “Type 2”.


Step 3 Log in Yeastar S-Series PBX web interface, go to “Settings > PBX > Call Control > Inbound Route”, choose an inbound route, and edit it.

Step 4 Set the “Distinctive Ringtone” as “Family”, which relates to the Ringer File “Ring3.wav”.

Step 5 Make a call through the inbound route, when the incoming call reaches the phone, the phone will play the ringer file “Ring3.wav”.

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    Hello!  Thanks for the post.  How would you set distinctive ringotne (actually, the ring cadence) for ANALOG extensions?  Thank you, Gustavo.

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    Thank you for the post Brazil,  I have a lot of users asking about this in Canada and its really great to see Yeastar delivering so many good features that users need.

    I created a YouTube video to help our Canadian users set up distinctive ringing.  I've posted it on our website at:  https://www.yeastar.ca/how-to/how-to-configure-distinctive-ring-tone-on-yealink-phones-and-the-yeastar-s-series.html

    I hope others can find it useful.

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    is it possible to set a Ringtone to a Ring Group or for internal calls?



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    Hi Christian
    you may of already managed resolve this..
    From the yeastar s series web gui it is only possible to add a distinctive ringtone under the inbound route at the bottom of the page.
    you can then use what ever name you put in here within the phone handsets Alert Info section to change the ringtone.

    Fanivils and Yealinks also support the Bellcore rington direct in their firmware so you dont have to make any changes in the handsets if you use bellcore expression. ( note the yealinks your will need to trun on distinctive ringing)
    i use bellcore to change my inbound ringtone and then all other calls use the default ringtone you apply to the line for all other calls. i.e. DR between internal & external calls

    Not tried this and you would need to peform a trace and see if the Ring Group name is in the alert info header if so you could use this name in the handset alert info settings.- or just try it? I can see that this could be useful for ring groups for some customers- will try some test bench setups




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