Distinctive Ringtone for Inbound Calls


Distinctive Ringtone is used for distinguishing calls from different inbound routes. In order to use this feature, the IP phone must support distinctive ringtone. Let's try set up a distinctive ringtone for one inbound route.

Configuring Distinctive Ringtone

Step 1 Log in the IP phone web interface. Here we take Yealink T28 as an example.

Step 2 Click “Settings> Ring”, input a name in Internal Ringer Text, in the Internal Ringer File, choose a ringtone you wish to use. For example, the Internal Ringer Text “Family” relates to Internal Ringer File “Ring3.wav”.

Step 3 Log in Yeastar S-Series PBX web interface, go to “Settings > PBX > Call Control > Inbound Route”, choose an inbound route, and edit it.

Step 4 Set the “Distinctive Ringtone” as “Family”, which relates to the Ringer File “Ring3.wav”.

Step 5 Make a call through the inbound route, when the incoming call reaches the phone, the phone will play the ringer file “Ring3.wav”.

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