How to Customize digital-channel.conf for MyPBX U series.

Digital-channel.conf is useful when you want to add some Asterisk parameters or options for your E1 trunk if the relevant option doesn't exist on the web interface.

In this guide, we will show you how to add the Asterisk option for E1 trunk.

Note: before utilizing this guide, you may try to query our support to check if the Asterisk option you want to add is supported.

Here is the procedure to customize digital-channel.conf

1. Please refer the guide to understand the theory of customization rules in MyPBX U series.

Click: User-Defined-Configuration-Modification

2. Login the MyPBX SSH by following this guid:


3. Modify the gncustom.conf

Input command in command mode: vi /persistent/custom-cfg/gncustom.conf, then move the text "/etc/asterisk/digital-channel.cconf" under the [replaefile]; when done save the file.



3. Copy the digital-channel.conf to /persistent/custom-cfg/

Input command in command mode: cp /etc/asterisk/digital-channel.conf /persistent/custom-cfg/digital-channel_custom.conf.

4. Modify digital-channel_custom.conf

Input command in command mode: vi /persistent/custom-cfg/digital-channel_custom.conf

Then add the desired Asterisk option in the file. Like the following:

5. Reboot MyPBX to make the whole modification take effect.






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