How to Understand the IPtoMobile Route of TG gateway

In this guide, we will tell you the 2 main points for the route logic of IPtoMobile route in TG gateway.


1. Incoming call from SIP side will the match the DID Number field in section 1 (Math Incoming Calls).  If the called number of the call matches, then the call will paas to section 2(Incoming Calls Processing).

In section 2, you utilize the Outbound Dial Pattern, Strip and Prepend to manipulate your called number.



2. In the route list. Incoming call from SIP side will match from the top route to the bottom route. If the call matches the top route, then the call will not go through the next available route.


In other Yeastar gateways, you may have seen the similar route settings. You can refer to this guide as well.


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    The IPtoXXX route logic is similar for FXO gateway, TB, and TE.

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