How to Make Calls to Different SIP Server Directly by TA-FXS





This application is aim at making calls to different SIP server directly by TA-FXS Gateway(TA-FXS contain TA400,TA800,TA1600,TA3200).You can check the Topology,exten 100 in TA400 can only communicate with only one SIP server directly,so we need to configure some settings in ssh of TA400 to realize the demand.



Step 1. Download a putty in your PC

We can access SSH of TA-FXS using putty or other terminal tools.

Putty download link:

Step 2. Open putty by SSH 

  • Before we open the putty by ssh,we need check the settings in MyPBX first.

Path:System---Network Settings---Service,enable the SSH.


  • Settings in putty




  • Login by ssh





Configuration in the web.

 1)Create two Service Provider trunk for sip_server_1 and sip_server_2 in TA-FXS,path: Gateway---VoIP Settings---VoIP Server Settings.

2)Create extensions for every FXS ports.Path:Gateway---Port List---Port List,edit Port 1



Configure in the SSH


Step 1.Configuration for outbound calls

1)type “vi /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf”,you can find many [CallingRule_FXS] context,FXS1 is for the port 1 in TA-FXS,FXS2 is for the port 2.


 2)Open a new SSH window of TA-FXS and Type “vi/persistent/custom-cfg/extensions_custom.conf”create a file calls extensions_custom.conf in the path and copy all [CallingRule_FXS] context in the file extensions_custom.conf.


We can only use sip_server_1 to make calls to exten 200 in sip_server_1,so we need to add another dialplan.The script is similar with the defualt script,we only need to change the dialplan from _2. to _3.,because we need to dial the exten 3XX,and change the trunk of service provider to sip_server_2 to communicate with sip_server_2.Make every [CallingRule_FXS] the same settings.

Then the settings for outbound calls are ok now.


Step 1.Configuration for inbound calls

1)Find the [DID_SIP-SERVER-sip_server_1]in the extension.conf


2)Copy the [DID_SIP-SERVER-sip_server_1]  context to the file extensions_custom.conf and add a new context [DID_SIP-SERVER-sip_server_2] which is the same as the [DID_SIP-SERVER-sip_server_1].


Then type “wq” to save the file and type “mypbxconf” and “ asterisk -rx module reload “ to make the configuration effect.




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