How to Solve the Answer Button Problem of Xtelsio CTI client Pro with MyPBX


In this guide: Combine MyPBX with Xtelsio CTI Client, there is a problem that you can't answer the call through the green answer button of the CTI  client.


Attention: This solution is based on the the IP phone which should support the Auto Answer feature. If your IP phone supports this feature, it will work for you.


Firstly in MyPBX, to customize the dialplan, you can write a extensions_custom.conf in the /persistent/custom-cfg/ via SSH.
The content in the extensions_custom.conf is like: 

exten = _X.,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:<>\;answer-after=0)
exten = _X.,2,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info:Ring Answer)
exten = _X.,3,ForkCDR(A)
exten = _X.,4,Goto(from-outside,${EXTEN},1)

For customization for configuration file in MyBPX, you can refer to the link to get the better understanding:User Defined Configuration Modification

The IP address can be modified to yours.
After that, reboot MyPBX to take effect.

Secondly, on CTI client, check the Answer via Special-Context-Self-Redirect option.

And configure the Free-Hand settings. Actually this is to make calls rather than receiving call with MyPBX.

After all things are configured, you can answer call via the green answer button.

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