How to Connect UCM to TA FXO Gateway

1. Introduction
This guide explains how to connect Grandstream UCM to Yeastar TA FXO gateway via service Provider SIP Trunk (Peer-to-Peer).
This guide has been tested with:
Yeastar TA810 version
UCM6102 version

After connecting TA810 and UCM6102, PSTN line will be extended on UCM6102.
The following features can be achieved:
1. Make outbound calls from UCM via the PSTN line of TA810
2. Receive calls from PSTN line of TA810 at UCM.

IP address of UCM6102:
IP address of TA810:

2. Connect UCM6102 to TA810
Step 1. Create a SIP Trunk on UCM6102
Path: PBXTrunksVoIP TrunkService Provider
Type: peer SIP trunk
Provider Name: TA810
Hostname/IP: fill in TA810's IP address,

Save and apply the changes, we can check the status of this trunk
Path:StatusPBX StatusTrunks

Step 2. Create a Service Provider SIP trunk on TA810
Path: Gateway→VoIP Settings→VoIP Trunk

Trunk Type: Service Provider
Type: SIP
Provider Name: give a name for the trunk.
Hostname/IP: fill in UCM IP address,, the default port is 5060.

Save and apply the changes, we can check the status of this trunk, it should be OK.
Path: Status<System Status<Trunk Status


3. IP to Port
In this section, we introduce how to achieve making outbound calls from UCM6102 through PSTN line on TA810.
Step 1. Create one outbound route on UCM6102.
Path: PBX→Basic/Call Routes→Outbound routes→Create New Outbound Rules
Choose the SIP trunk “TA810” which is connecting to Yeastar TA810. Set the dial rule, here we set Pattern as “_9.” and Strip 1 digit, meaning that you have to dial digit 9 before the destination number.

Step 2. Configure one “IP ->port” Route on TA810.
Path: Gateway→Routes Settings→”IP->Port” Suppose that you want to use PSTN FXO1 to call out.

Route Name: give a name for the route, “UCM”.
Call Source: choose the VoIP trunk which is connected to UCM, “SPS—CUM”.
Call Destination: choose “Port—FXO1”.

Step 2. Test a call from UCM6102
Now, you can make external calls from UCM6102 through the PSTN 1 on TA810. As the dial rule set on UCM outbound route, you need to dial 9 before the number. For example, if you want to call number 45672421, you need dial 945672421 on your phone.

4.Port to IP
In this section, Introduce how to route incoming calls from PSTN line to UCM6102.
Step 1. Create an inbound route on UCM.
Path: PBX→Basic/Call Routes→Inbound routes→Create New Inbound Rules
Here we configure the inbound route as below:
DID Number: 123456
Destination: Extension 1000
The incoming calls with DID number 123456 would be routed to extension 1000.


Step 2. Configure one “Port->IP” Route on TA.
Path: Gateway→Routes Settings→”Port->IP”

Route Name: give a name for the route, “UCM”
Call Source: choose the Port1-FXO1
Call Destination: choose the VoIP trunk which is connected to UCM, “SPS—UCM”.
Hotline: set Hotline to 123456, which is the same number with the DID number set on UCM Inbound route.

Step 3. Test a call.
Dial the PSTN’s number(1625351623) on your mobile phone, the call will be routed to UCM extension1000.

[The End]

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    i did all and is working but my GSM is 2 port for gsm 1 is _9. 

    and i put _8. for gsm 2 is not working 

    need help 

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